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Acts 11:1-18    "Holy Sheet!"
Psalm 148
       "Come on everybody - Praise the Lord!"
Revelation 21:1-6    "A new heaven and a new earth"
John 13:31-35         "Love one another as I have loved you"


RS = Rejoice and Sing   SF = Songs of Fellowship   MP = Mission Praise combined

RS 116  Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore him  
RS 628
 O Holy City, seen by John
RS 559
 Blessed city, heavenly Salem
RS 662
 Arise, arise, good Christian
RS 745
 A new commandment I give unto you  SF22  MP 283
RS 49
   O praise ye the Lord  SF 445  MP 519
RS 103
 Praise to the holiest in the height  SF 469  
RS 292
 When morning gilds the skies  SF 597  
RS 560
 Glorious things of thee are spoken  SF 127
SF 15
   All you angels round his throne
SF 291
 Jesus is Lord of all  MP 450
SF 563
 We are a chosen people  MP 607
SF 547  
There's a sound on the wind  
SF 591
 We will honour you  
SF 588
 We shall be as one  


(Prayers taken from the 1998 Christian Aid Week material - the Ethiopian Orthodox Liturgy)

We enter God's presence:

God is the most high, to whom none can attain,
but he became humble among us.
God is the untouchable fire:
but we saw him and felt him,
and ate and drank with him.
In this hope we were saved.

God is to be praised:

Holy, holy, holy, perfect Lord of Hosts,
heaven and earth are full of the holiness of your glory.
You have created all creatures with your word.
You carry them all without being weary,
and feed them all without ceasing.
You think about them all without forgetting any.
You give to all without being diminished.
You water all the earth without running dry.
You watch over all without sleeping.
You hear us all without neglecting any.
While your presence fills every place,
they have told us about you in a way we can receive.

God forgives our sins:

Lord of all holiness,
when we approach your glory,
we are conscious of our guilt,
conscious of our people's guilt
in a world where so many live in hardship.
We feel that we are lost,
helpless to act or change.
You bring us the offer of hope, but we are afraid of it.
You bring us the words of life, but our words are full of despair: our lips are unclean.
Touch our lips with your holy fire,
cleanse us and take away our guilt.
Make our hearts ready to say:
'Here am I, Lord, send me."


O Lord, be with us and bless us, for you are the one who forgives our sins.
You are the light of our souls, our life and our strength and our hope
and our refuge.

Offertory Prayer:

Remember, 0 Lord, those who have made you this offering, and those for whom it is offered.
Accept the gifts of your servants, whether much or little, given in secret or openly,
and of those who wish to give but have nothing with which to give.
Accept their ready mind, and fill their household with good things
and as they remember your holy name on earth,
remember them in your heavenly kingdom and in this world do not forsake them forever. Amen.

We pray for the world:

An Ethiopian priest has asked us to pray for his country: "In different parts of the world," he says, "there are people who serve God and who pray for the whole world. We might not know them directly but we want them to pray for us."   So let us pray:

For the whole world we ask that God should hasten his purpose,
and put into the mind of all and each to desire what is good,
to bring hope to people and nations trapped in poverty,
for the sake of all whose names we know,
like Asebech, Junayed and Salalesh,
and those whose names we do not know, who are well known to God.

For the hungry and the thirsty we ask that God should grant them their daily food.
For the sad and sorrowful we ask that God may give them perfect consolation.
For the prisoners we ask that God may loosen them from their bonds.
For the sick and sorrowful we ask that God should heal them and send upon them
mercy and compassion.
For the rains we ask that God may send rain on the places that need it.
For the waters of the rivers we ask that God should fill them up to their due
measure and bounds.
For the fruits of the earth we ask that God may grant to the earth her fruit for
sowing and for harvest.
And for all of us who ask in prayer, may God cover us with the spirit of peace
and give us grace and enlighten the eyes of our hearts. Amen.

Blessing & Sending:

O Lord our God, most holy and most humble,
you were content to come among us to do lowly service
and suffer insult for our salvation.
Make us ready to follow your example in living out our hope.
In our efforts this week, and through the gifts of many,
bless us with your grace so that the weak may be strengthened,
the troubled may be saved, the oppressed may rest,
the hopeless may be delivered, and the sad may rejoice.

We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing,
so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

God bless you;
God make your heart bright.
Go home in peace in the name of Christ.