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Luke 9:57-62            The would-be followers
Galatians 5:1,13-25   The way of the Spirit
2 Kings 2:1-2,6-14    Swing low, sweet chariot
Psalm 77:1-2,11-20   Remember and rejoice

HYMNS: RS = Rejoice and Sing   SF = Songs of Fellowship   MP = Mission Praise combined

192   Thou didst leave thy throne   555    697 
297   Come, thou Holy Spirit, come
310   Gracious Spirit, holy ghost   198
324   Holy Spirit, ever dwelling
326   Loving Spirit, loving Spirit
412   There's a quiet understanding   546   678
580   Lord, you give the great commission
  Jesu, Jesu
  Jesus put this song into our hearts   376

We remember your great deeds, Lord
Everything you do, O God is holy


Loving God, we come before you, seeking your forgiveness.
We have a choice between following you and following our own desires, even when we know they will lead to doing wrong.
So often we are tempted - we fall into wrong ways.
We turn against each other, become jealous and  angry. We irritate each other
We split into groups, preferring our friends and keeping out others.
We become ambitious, putting our own lives before others, not caring if they get hurt.
We over indulge ourselves. We act immorally.
We know this is wrong and we seek your forgiveness.

We know that Christ loves us and we want to follow him. Holy Spirit, help us to control our lives - to be welcoming to all, humble, kind, faithful and good.
Jesus says to all who turn to him 'Your sins are forgiven'. He also says 'Follow me'
Holy Spirit, help us to follow. Amen.

PRAYER OF PRAISE (based on a call to worship by Moira Laidlaw)

When I'm in trouble  I cry out to God.
Day and night I cry out to you, praying that you will hear me.
Time and again I stretch out my hand , seeking your presence and your comfort.
When my mind is full of anxious thoughts,my heart and soul refuse to be comforted;

But then I recall your wonderful deeds. All that you have done in the past,
the way you responded to the cries of your people - saving  them from slavery and guiding them to freedom;

then I know that you hear my cry.
Your way, O God is holy.  No one is as great as you.
You are the God who works wonders and performs mighty deeds.
You are the God who hears our cries and answers them.
We praise you, we worship you, we adore you.


You have given us so many gifts O God.
The gift of life through Jesus.
The gift of the Spirit, and its fruits.
May we use these gifts in our lives, in our church.
And may these gifts of money be seen as gifts of love. Amen.


A gift of the Spirit is joy...
We pray for those who have little joy in their lives.
For those weighed down with sadness and depression.
For those whose bereavement lies heavy on their hearts...
Send them the gift of your deep joy.

A gift of the Spirit is peace.
we pray for those who have little peace in their lives.
For those whose lives and land have been ravaged by war.
For children who have witnessed things they should never see.
And we pray for those who work for peace, especially for the newly elected folk in northern ireland.
Send them the gift of your deep joy.

A gift of the Spirit is self-control....
We pray for people who find it hard to have self-control.
For people who find it hard to keep their tempers, and for those who suffer because of it.
For people who become addicted to drink, drugs, gambling... and their families who are at a loss to help.
Send them the gift of your self-control.

A gift of the Spirit is humility....
We pray for the places in the world where there is one person in power, so full of himself that his needs come before that of his people.
We pray for ourselves, asking that we can stop putting ourselves first, instead serving others.
Send the gift of your deep humility.

A gift of the Spirit is kindness...
We pray for all who do everything they can to help others
for doctors and nurses, teachers, social workers
we pray for all carers
and all who do voluntary work.
Send us the gift of your kindness.

A gift of the Spirit is love...
We thank you for our friends and family who you have sent to love us and care for us.
We think about them in a moment of quiet...
Thank you for your gift of deep love.
Thank you for all the gifts you have given us through the Holy Spirit.
And thank you for hearing our prayers.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.