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Welcome! to the
Nevard Family Homepage!

Your nerves are probably tingling with the excitement of
anticipation as you savour the prospect of visiting our
world.  You probably can't wait to begin pressing buttons
and having a good firk around in the cupboards...

But first, a guided tour...

Lythan's Private Quarters  

In here you will find links to all the kind of stuff she is interested in. You
will find links to the deaf community, links to her favourite authors and
movie sites, and a rather bizarre fantasy street in which she lets you
glimpse the street of her dreams - if she could handpick her fellow

Phil's Secret Chamber  

In here you will find links to all the kind of stuff he is interested in.  You
will find links to Bolton Wanderers Football Club, his favourite authors,
Amnesty International, Jubilee 2000, The World Development
Movement and (if he dares) his fantasy street!

Phil and Lythan's bits on show  
(New Stuff added here every week!)

Here you will find stuff we have written, usually linked to the RCL.  It might be sermons, prayers, or drama, meditations or "imaginative retellings" of Biblical narratives.

The kids' zone  

Here you will find stuff  that Hywel, Emrys and Carys have written and
drawn and jokes they like.
(don't enter here if you are offended by the word "poo")

The miscellaneous cupboard  

Who knows what you might find lurking in here?

If you know us, then why not leave us a message.  We will promise to
ignore it completely, as we usually do, and then end up having to
apologise because we never sent a reply.  

Go on, you know you want to!

If you don't know us, then why not make our acquaintance?  Perhaps you could contribute a prayer, meditation, sermon, poem, song?  If you do,
then we'll open up an extension to our little home - "Guests' bits on
show" !

Go on, don't be shy!