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Theme Introduction for January 17th - John 1:29-42

A tale of three parties...

Have three children come out to the front. Have a supply of party hats, blowers and balloons .
Child B has a poster with 'party' written on it . Child C has a large pile of party invitations.

Child A is having a party on Saturday. It is her birthday. Everyone knows that she always has a party at 3pm on her birthday. She is sure everyone will come.

Child B is having a party on Saturday. It is his birthday. He puts up a poster (holds poster up) inviting everyone along. he hopes people will read it and come.

Child C is having a party on Saturday. It is her birthday. She goes to everyone she knows and gives them an invitation to her party. (Child does so) She tells them all that she hopes they will come and she is looking forward to sharing her party with them.

Saturday comes...(children put on hats and have blowers and balloons)
Child A is all alone. (Blows blower sadly)
Child B has one or two guests that have read the poster (have one or two join child B)
Child C has a great time with lots of people there (ask people with invites to come and stand with child C).

If you think that is too sad an ending A and B could join C's party too!

And the point is...

John and Andrew invite other people to meet Jesus.

That is what we want to do too - to invite others to share in our Sunday party.
We can't just expect them to know because church is always on a Sunday at the same time.
We can't just put up a poster and hope someone will read it.
We have to tell people, issue individual invitations - come and meet Jesus! Come and share in his love!