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A: There was a man

B: Who had two sons.

C: Bill (looks at A) and Bob (looks at B)

A: One day Bob said to his father

B: Give me my share of the property

C: So the Father divided up his property between his two sons.

A: Not long afterwards Bob said

B: Iím off Dad, byee.

C: And off he went to the big, big city

A: with everything he owned in a bag

B: And spent all his money on wild, wild living. (Shrugs shoulders with rueful smile) Well it

     was all just too tempting.

C: He had spent everything

A: When a bad famine spread throughout the land.

B: (With pained, hungry voice) There was nothing to eat.

C: He went to work for a man in the country, who sent him to take care of his pigs.

A: Pigs?

B: (Nodding head) Pigs!

C: He would have been glad to eat what the pigs were eating

A: But no-one gave him a thing. Aah!

B: (looks at A) I know - I was desperate.

C: Finally he came to his senses and had an idea

A: Ping!

B: My Fatherís workers have plenty to eat and here I am, starving to death! I will go to my

Father and say to him ĎFather I have sinned against God and against you. I am no longer

good enough to be called your son. Treat me like one of your workers.í

C: Bob got up and started back to his father.

A: But when he was still a long way off

B: His father saw him!

C: And felt sorry for him. And ran to him. And hugged him. And kissed him!

A: Bob said

B: Father I have sinned against God and against you. I am no longer good enough to be

called your son.

C: But his Father called for his best clothes

A: and his ring

B: AND sandals

C: AND a fatted calf.

A: For a big party.

B: To celebrate because

C: This son of mine was dead, but now has come back to life.

A: Was lost. And has now been found.

B: Bill had been out in the field.

C: When he came near the house he heard the music and dancing. He asked one of the


A: Whatís going on?

B: He was told about his brotherís return

C: And the party to celebrate.

A: He was so angry he would not even go into the house (turns his back on B & C)

B: His Father came out and begged him to go in.

C: But Bill said

A: For years I have worked for you like a slave and have always obeyed you. But you have

never even given me a little goat to give a dinner for my friends. This other son wasted

your money and now he has come home, you order the best calf to be killed for a feast.

B: His father replied

C: My son you are always with me and everything I have is yours. But we should be glad

and celebrate! Your brother was dead,

A: But now he is alive.

B: He was lost

C: And now has been found.

A: So what did Bill do?

B: Did he stay out or go in?

C: Well, thatís another story...