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What's in the Cupboard?

You know what it's like in the cupboard - the one under the stairs - the one where you stuff everything in no particular order?  Some of the stuff is useful, some of it is vital, some of it is completely useless.  It is never sorted, it just jumbles together in an untidy mess.

This is such a place!

Go on - have a good rummage round!  If there's something you think we should stuff into our cupboard, then just let us know!

URC stuff in the cupboard...

Phil and Lythan do sometimes work for a living!  They are both United Reformed Church Ministers.  Lythan serves as minister to Durham Street URC on Hartlepool headland; Phil serves as minister to St. George's URC in Hartlepool Town Centre.

Times of Worship:

                         Durham Street:  10:30am every Sunday
                                                  6:30pm on the first Sunday of the month

                         St. George's      11:00am every Sunday
                                                  6:15pm on the first Sunday of the month

Some URC Links...

Official URC Site     Fellowship of United Reformed Youth     URCHIN

Other junk in the cupboard...

Page One Biblical Resources  (an excellent site for Textual Study)

Miscellaneous Humour   (speaks for itself)

Andy's Art Attack   (loads of good graphics links)

Acorn Christian Books   (Online Christian Bookshop - based in Darlington)

Jay's Liberation Theology/Liberal Religion Links   (a paradise for lefty-theologians!)

The Bowen Family Homepage   (the Canadian branch of our family)

Clipart Collection   (just as it says)

Nonags Mainpage   (good place for downloading useful free stuff)

Worsley Institute of Blu-Tack Art    (a Must-See Site!)

Knowhere Guide to Hartlepool    (Yes you do want to know all about Hartlepool!)