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   Lythan's Private

One of the things I'm involved in is learning Sign Language at the Hartlepool Deaf Club.  I "listen" in on the uk.people.deaf newsgroup to get a flavour of the issues that affect deaf people in the UK, and I have found the following sites helpful:

Did I ever tell you about the world's greatest authors?  Diana Gabaldon and Susan Howatch are in the pantheon.

Susan Howatch        

Diana Gabaldon

My Fantasy Street...

Don't you ever dream of living on the ideal street?  Who would live there?  Who would you idly pass the time of day with over the garden fence?  To whom would you pop for a cup of sugar?

My street would definately include the following...

Paul Whitehouse          Tom Jones           Allan Davies (Jonathon Creek)

Graham Norton            Ian Hislop           Eddie Izzard

Julian Clairy

Who would be on your street?  E-mail me to let me know.  I'll publish the good ones.


I am a lurker on the uk.religion.christianity newsgroup!