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     Phil's Secret Chamber

 Phil's sad little world is made just that little bit sadder by the fact  that he supports Bolton Wanderer's Football Club.  Here's a  couple of sites where he gets his weekly fix:

 The Bolton Evening News

 BWFC Supporter's Site

Phil is not a great fan of Diana Gabaldon or Susan Howatch (largely because he hasn't read any of their stuff, and because Lythan goes on about them so much!).  It takes Phil a long time to read a book, but if he does, it will most likely be by one of the following:

Iain Banks

Robert Rankin

Terry Pratchett

Phil is very much concerned with issues of international justice.  His most thumbed sites in this field are:

Amnesty International

Jubilee 2000

World Development Movement

Christian Aid

The All-You-Need-To-Know Site

Excellent Development & Third-World Studies Site

 This is Bjork - quite self-evidently the  most exciting and creative person to hit  the music world  this century.  Here's a  couple of links to wet your appetite...

 Websense - the official site

 Steve's Collection of Bjork Stuff