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Prayers etc for January 3rd


Isaiah 60:1-6
Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14
Ephesians 3:1-12
Matthew 2:1-12
God's light is shining
A prayer for the King

Good news for all
Visitors from the east


from Rejoice and Sing
Hail to the Lord's anointed
How brightly beams the morning star
Wise men seeking Jesus
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
Let earth and heaven combine
Songs of thankfulness and praise
O sing a song of Bethlehem
I cannot tell
Go forth and tell
God of mercy God of grace
God with humanity made one

Call to worship

A new year has come  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
A new light has dawned  JESUS IS WITH US!
We have seen his light  AND HAVE COME TO WORSHIP HIM!

or (based on Ephesians 1:11-14 - reading for Christmas 2)

All things are done according to God's plan  
God chose us to be his people, in union with Christ
We are the ones who hope in Christ
And God has given us his Spirit


Prayer of approach (based on Isaiah 60:1-6)

Let us rise up and shine like the sun!
In these dark days, the glory of the Lord shines on us,
O God, your love radiates out to us.
The brightness of your presence is with us.
This is the dawning of a new year, the dawning of a new day.
The Son shines, and we worship and adore.

Let us draw near and shine like the sun!
Let us gather together to praise our God,
sons and daughters, husbands and wives, men and women, boys and girls,
we are filled with joy O God, we tremble with excitement,
for you have given us great riches - love beyond all measure.
The Son shines, and we worship and adore.

Let us draw near and shine like the sun!
Bathing in the radiance of  your love, we offer you gifts, O God,
our time, our talents, our hearts
- more precious than gold and incense
We will tell the good news of all that you have done for your people
The Son shines, and we worship and adore. Amen.

Prayer of confession

O God, we are aware that we do not always act as we should.
We do not behave as people who have received the best gift of all.
We look as if all we had for Christmas was some stale nuts and socks with a hole in.
We act with spite and suspicion as if we feel other people had the things we want.
'How was Christmas?' people ask. 'S'allright' we reply.
Where is the love, where is the joy of Christmas in our hearts and voices?
We act as if we begin the new year, hungover with all the burdens of the past, not filled with hope for the future.

We are truly sorry and ask to be forgiven.
Remind us that Jesus was given for life - not just at Christmas.
That each day is a happy new day with you.
For all who turn to Jesus in repentance and faith - receive this gift.
Jesus says 'your sins are forgiven'
Walk with him from the darkness into the light, filled with love and peace and joy - always. Amen.

Prayers of Intercession
(based around a prayer from the Year A Intercessions book by Epworth Press)

Heavenly Father, sometimes the world seems so dark,
all creation groans with the burdens of life and living.
But in Jesus, light has dawned, our King is come.
And we know that our understanding of you and what you want for us has been dim,
but the light is beginning to dawn in our hearts and minds too.
We begin to see your intentions for the world
your intention that new hope should should spring from old experience
your intention to save the world

Jesus our King, your rule is one of justice, peace and righteousness,
and so we pray that the rulers of the world may echo your own justice,
so that the oppressed may recieve righteousness
And where governments and rulers have chosen tyranny and oprression instead of love and mercy, we pray for the people who suffer under harsh regimes and those who stand up for the victims of oppression.

Jesus our King, your rule is one of overflowing generosity and bounty.
We pray for those who are caught in a spiral of ever increasing poverty.
We pray for the hungry, malnourished, homeless, dispossessed

Jesus our King, your rule is one of care for the needy and neglected
we pray for those who are sick in body, mind or spirit
for those whose lives are precious to us, as well as to you.
We pray for...

Jesus our King, your rule is one of  glory and blessing
Guide and inspire your church to be a beacon of your light
here in ....... and throughout the world.

Jesus our King, shine  your  light into our hearts
and fill us with your gifts of  forgiveness, peace, joy, love
- life in all its fullness

We pray, in your name, O Christ our Lord and King