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Liturgical Material for 1st Nov.


Daniel 7:1-3, 15-18
Psalm 149
Ephesians 1:11-23
Luke 6:20-31
  The four ugly beasts
  Sing a new song to the Lord
  You also became God's people!
  The beatitudes


R&S 170
R&S 658
R&S 434
R&S 656
R&S 471
R&S 478
R&S 480
JP 115
JP 195
  A glorious company we sing
  For all the saints who from their labours rest
  Jesus invites his saints (Communion Hymn)
  Lo! He comes with clouds descending
  Bless and keep us Lord
  Many are the lightbeams
  The church is like a table (Communion Hymn)          
  I sing a song of the saints
  When the saints go marching in


Most of my prayers this week are coming from Donald Hilton's compilation, "Seasons and Celebrations."  Copyright restrictions obviously prevent me from reproducing them here, so I suggest you either write your own, or go out and buy a copy of the book yourself!  If you do buy the book, (NCEC, ISBN 0-7197-0887-7) then I suggest you look at numbers 261, 263, 265 (Christine Odell) and 266 (Simon Oxley).

I will also be using (as a prayer of approach) Leslie F. Brandts paraphrase of psalms 147-150 found in "Psalms Now" (CPH Saint Louis, ISBN 0-570-04257-7)

I shall be thinking about ideas for an All-Saints all-age address whilst I am away for half-term building a tree-house at Grandma's.  Any bright ideas would be warmly welcomed though!!! Please e-mail them... (any format will do).