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Luke 1:67-80a
Colossians 1:9-20
Zechariah finally speaks
Paul's hopes for the Colossians through Jesus


Give me joy in my heart
For the beauty of the earth
God's glory fills the universe
Not far beyond the sea or sky
Give to me Lord a thankful heart

Call to worship:

Who shows us what God is like? JESUS!
Who is the first born Son? JESUS!
Who existed before anything else? JESUS!
Who is the first and the last? JESUS!
Who died for us on the cross? JESUS!
Who brought us all back to God? JESUS!
Who is the head of the church? JESUS!
Who is the source of our life? JESUS!
Let us worship Jesus our Lord, in unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit

Prayers of approach and confession:

(approach inspired by Luke 1:67-79; confession based on one from the rcl newsgroup and unfortunately I forgot to copy the name beofre I wiped it out. Sorry)

O God we worship and adore you!
We give you thanks and praise for all your many gifts to us
Time and again you have saved your people when they have been in need.
When we have been sad, you have wept with us
and you have wrapped your arms around us and shared your comforting love.
In good times you have shared our smiles and laughter
You have rejoiced with us, and with the Pickering family as Anna joined the family
and you have watched her change and grow.
To you she is special.
As to you we are all special.
And made to feel special.

O God we worship and adore you!
We praise you for your greatest gift, our mighty Saviour Jesus,
promised by the prophets,
bringing the light of your love
and new life and hope to all
guiding our steps onto the path of peace.

O God we worship and adore you!
We praise you for sending us the Spirit,
who opens our eyes to your love at work today
and who challenges us to grow and develop in body and spirit
to be the best followers of Christ that we can be

O God we worship and adore you!

But we are aware that sometimes our adoratin seems hollow.
Christ Jesus, we call you Lord. We name you our King.
But we have failed to give ourselves over completely to you.
We hold back something of ourselves - our hearts, our minds, our abilities, our gifts
we sometimes don't want to share any of ourselves,
even with you or for the service of your kingdom.
Father forgive us.
Help us to own up to the fact that to worship you
we must do so in spirit and in truth, in word and action
-with the whole of our lives, and not just a part of it.
Give us the strength to love and obey you in newness of life.
This we pray in your precious name. Amen..

Jesus came into the world to show us a new way to live
that goes beyond anything we could possibly be on our own.
In Colossians we read that
"Christ is the visible likeness of the invisible God, the first-born Son,
and superior to all created things.
He is the head of His body, the Church, and is the source of the body's life.
Through His Son, God decided to bring the whole universe back to Himself,
and bring peace to all through His Son's death on the cross."
hear then, God's word of grace to us: